Wanda D'Onofrio •
ayurvedic doula

Preparation before conception
• Supporting pregnancy • Fertility
• Postpartum care

The intention behind Ayurfertility is to provide mothers with the same attention, love and affection that they wish to hold their little one(s), in order to create more harmony, health and balance within the family system and within the world at large.
The Ayurvedic system of knowledge is rich with information, guidance and tools for all matters concerning conception, birth and postpartum and has provided more support for mothers around the birth process than any other system for thousands of years. Mothers and their newborns should be held with impeccable presence, precision and care.
As the founder of Ayurfertility, it is my honor and joy to provide that care. I have been deeply passionate about Ayurveda and fertility since 2010 and have travelled the globe in order to receive the best training available. I believe that working with families around the birth process is an essential step towards creating a more integrated and peaceful world. The time leading up to birth and the days following birth are extremely potent. When mothers receive the proper physical, emotional, spiritual and mental support that they require and deserve and are saved from unnecessary stress or strain, they are able to experience more peace, joy and awe along with their newborn.
Experience the Power of Ayurveda
Ayurveda offers you the freedom and harmony, bringing you closer to your soul and bringing natural joy and dynamism. Dive into the experience with 5000 years old knowledge.
The bridge between body, mind and spirit – harmonise and expand through conscious breathing.
Rejuvenation program. From baby blues to baby bliss. 42 days for 42 years.
Empower your body to bring the most heathy child you would love to have.
The bridge between body, mind and spirit – harmonise and expand through conscious breathing.
Tune into your body’s wisom. Connect with yourself and prepare for spiritual experience.
Find yourself at home in a space of total bliss.


Wanda has been such a blessing in my life. I am beyond grateful to have been under her care during my delicate 40 days postpartum. I feel I was cared for as if I were her own family; with such love, kindness, and consideration.  

Wanda is loving, wise, intelligent, knowledgeable, and such a pleasure to be around. I could not recommend her any more highly. If every mother could somehow have Wanda as their PP doula, the world would surely find peace in one generation!
Wanda’s touch is that of an angel, her presence is powerful and her healing hands seem to be guided by something otherworldly.  As a discriminating yogini, when it comes to matters of energy and touch, her twenty years of experience is unmistakable.

I highly recommend her bodywork and trainings. When it comes to her pre and post-natal work/consultation, Wanda’s work is highly regarded by many women world wide. I am deeply grateful to have had the opportunity to experience her healing touch.
Being pregnant, I wanted to take care of myself and my baby boy. Wanda’s massage filled me with peace from the very first moment. I really liked that each session started with an intention. Massage for pregnant women is extremely relaxing, thanks to the warm oil with which Wanda massaged my body.

Wanda’s calmness and a gentle touch, these were unforgettable moments giving strength for me. Remember this feeling even now. I wish every women who expects a baby to visit Wanda’s.
The gentle Abhynaga massages helped me with the healing of stitches from my c-section. The marma treatments were so healing and relaxing. They gave me so much rest as I was sleep deprived for the first month and also had some anxiety and postpartum depression. I would recommend that to every single mother.

Also Wanda is very intuitive and has a healing touch. Her chanting before the treatments and her energy itself was so healing.
I had the pleasure of working with Wanda during my both pregnancies. She saved my mental health after the first pregnancy. She also came to my house and helped me with my back pain after the second one. The pain I felt on daily basis (making it hard to take care of my son) went away after the first session with Wanda. I also got a massage from her while being pregnant, which was beneficial for my whole body.

I also recommend taking part in her online course about taking care of yourself during the first 40 days after childbirth.

For me – what makes Wanda special – is her holistic approach and her 100% presence with you. Wanda listens to what you are saying, and you can feel she really wants to help you.